The Cool House: Moving Day

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Moving Day

m is for? moving? modern? modernemama?

New header, new favicon. Something's afoot. I'm changing things around, mixing it up a little to reflect that things are feeling different now at the Cool House. There's less emphasis on the day to day drama of renovation largely because the house is now waterproof and four of the bathrooms are fully operational again. We still have a couple of big (read expensive) projects to do but they aren't "do it now or the house will fall down" things. There's still plenty of little chores, too, but they are more maintenance than updating.

Recently there have been more posts about decor than dealing with rot, more about shopping than stripping walls. So, as we're busy adding art and sculpture that reflects our taste and the sensibility of the house, I decided to give the old blog a makeover.

Some people may have already noticed that they've been redirected to a new address. Update your bookmarks, I'm now at But don't worry, you will be redirected and everything will still be in it's old place on the page; at least until I get my act together and finish arranging everything fabulously at the new place. Until then be content with the new banner, the favicon and the tag-line: The Cool House, uniquely modern.

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Anonymous said...

The new space looks great! I like the new header a lot. :)