The Cool House: The power of democracy

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The power of democracy

red & black

After I mentioned I had asked the internet readership to help us choose a new vessel sink, the Guy announced he has a definite preference and that he is a Super Delegate and therefore gets two votes. I have a different choice of sink but as I threw it open I will of course abide by the majority's decision.

red crackle

He is concerned that I didn't give you a choice to state you think all four were horrible. So if you hate them all, have a better suggestion or have a reason why you favor one vessel sink over another send me a comment.

red marble

Each of the above has at least one vote.

red spiral

It seems no one is into the Red Spiral, are the swirls too distracting perhaps?

red Imprint with a #50 Paintbrush

To help us with the decision we visited Color Chart: Reinventing Color, 1950 to Today at the MoMA in Manhattan. It was a fabulous show, possibly the best I've seen there since they expanded MoMA, but we are no nearer reaching a concensus. More about the exhibition over here.


Jean Martha said...

i like the red marble best.

Anonymous said...

OK, Read and Black will look good against the marble slab. The Guy

Jennifer said...

I LOVE the first sink (red and black). LOVE it. YUMMY!

Ethan@OneProjectCloser said...

First choice... Red and Black. I really like the colors (but it does seem a little dark). Second choice.... Red crackle. Looks upbeat and fun. With that said, I refer to my wife for decorative questions. I'd love to see it installed.