The Cool House: Vote for the hottest red vessel sink

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vote for the hottest red vessel sink

The red vessel sink that is central to the design for the powder room arrived yesterday and it is HORRIBLE. The foil was peeling off, leaving some of the glass and some nice aluminium exposed, which might go with the stainless steel doorknob or might look like NASTY OLD CHIPPED CHROME. Described as deep cherry red it turned out to be a sickening shade of puce. This is not the look I was going for so I'm returning it.
I need to pick another sink asap and I've narrowed the choice of vessel sinks to four, all by Ronbow: Red Crackle; Red & Black; Red Spiral; and Red Marble. I'm asking you to help me decide. Click on the links for a full description of each or just look at the mock-up below and tell me which will sit best in the renovated powder room?

Remember this will be the only spot of colour in an otherwise monochromatic palette. The other materials are: black vanity with a Carrara marble countertop, chrome faucet and hardware, chrome framed mirrors, grey porcelain tiles with white and black veins.
So what do you think? Vote now for your favorite

The hottest red vessel sink?
Red Crackle
Red and Black
Red Spiral
Red Marble
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Jen said...

I voted for the red and black....

Thanks for the Azalea tip, you have tons of azalea pics....and I found the Stewartsonian...

Anonymous said...

I'd go for the red and black; when you perform violent acts against your husband for being, well, just a guy, and he is then forced to clean up the bloody carnage, at least with this sink you'll be able to see where there is residue that requires cleaning. Not so with the all red sinks...