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Monday, April 21, 2008


Or how I tried to decorate the master bedroom and ended up back in the den.
In the package of pillows I received from Crate & Barrel last week were two Taylor Panels in Pearl that I thought would be a good replacement for the non-functioning roller blinds in our bedroom. Damn inaccurate computer monitors! They were more oatmeal than pearl. I was going to return them when I remembered we had never come up with a solution for the large window in the den that looks out on the back terrace. We wanted something that would co-ordinate with the roman shades without being too matchy-matchy. So I held them up against the window and whadya know? They look awesome. I even got a clothes hanger, draped the panel over it and and hung it on the built-ins so I could see the effect from the other side of the room. Inventive, no?
Of course I now needed to get a curtain rod and the ones we bought in 2005 have been discontinued, but with the aid of the internets I tracked down the last Pegoda rods at

If The Guy will help on Saturday I'll attach the hardware and hang the drapes and take photos. Until then there's a polyvore mock-up above.
The Crate and Barrel curtains are really nice quality (and in the Outlet section) so it would have been a pity not to use them but I still have to find something for the master bedroom so I can open the windows without a roller blind falling on my head.

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