The Cool House: The downside of wireless

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The downside of wireless

When the keyboard batteries run out of juice in the middle of a post you're typing at 10 PM, that's the disadvantage to no unsightly wires in a de-cluttered office.
"You should always have spare batteries" I hear you cry.
Well, of course I keep spare batteries. In fact I'd just opened a new four pack but I'd put two into the wireless mouse and the iMac wireless keyboard takes three. Three AA batteries. That's so wrong. Thanks to Renovation Therapy (formerly Upstate) though, I managed to score a battery deal: money off plus a $2 coupon! I did have to argue with the sales assistant that the price on the register was not the price displayed, forcing her to walk half-way round the store to check, have a conversation with the manager who wanted to know where she was going, which turned a five minute pharmacy dash into a fifteen minute tussle. But hey, I was right and I saved $2.50, a dollar of which I promptly donated to this week's charity at the pharmacy.


Anonymous said...

Rock on with your bad self!

nick said...

buy some rechargeable ones and save yourself $25.00 rather than $2.50

modernemama said...

Does anyone know how long rechargeable batteries last and how much electricity it takes to charge them? I would really be interested in this. Thanks Nick!

Marilyn said...

That is some good battery scores...I for one am warming up my CVS card.

Thanks for the link - sorry to change blogs overnight, but it had been a long time coming. See you over there!

modernemama said...

Ok now you have 2 links. Links=sausages. Sausage recipe, please.