The Cool House: Powder room progress

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Powder room progress

The garage is filling up with fixtures for the downstairs loo facelift. I have the tiles, grout and the faucet; the countertop will be ready by tomorrow; the vessel sink should be here by the end of the week. I have the towel bar we didn't use in the boys' bath redo, a new latch and new knob for the vanity. I even have new hand towels, liquid soap and hand cream from Floris of London (on sale in TJ Maxx). I'm missing just two things: a replacement for the saddle we cracked putting up the light fixture (HD is out of stock until April 10 and the place where the countertop is being fabricated wants $21 more!) and a start date from my very-much-in-demand handyman.
I'd really like to get this room finished before May when the summer guests start to arrive. Please. Pretty please. Thank you.


Jennifer said...

That will look lovely. Did I miss what color you are painting the walls?

modernemama said...

Back in November I painted the walls BM Titanium. It looks pale grey with a slightly green tinge. We may have to change it when everything is in but for now I think it's going to work. Though I do have a hankering for Lattice Red from Ralph Lauren paints......