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Friday, April 25, 2008

Perception is everything

Monster showers rule.

These imposing (the larger size is 2.4m or almost 8" tall) outdoor showers from Designerzeit are certainly stunning but they need an exceptional setting to show them to their best advantage. In the above shot, this one, appropriately called Wave, dwarfs the surrounding houses

while the beautiful modern, sculptural Ocean showers shown here (on a gorgeous platform deck) are jarringly juxtaposed with a traditional carriage post lamp and a couple of small terracotta planters.
Do you think they had a professional in to style the photo shoot?
via Trendir


Corey said...

Digging the shower. The carriage lamp, not so much. :)

Jen said...

Sometimes those men in marketing who are also counting beans really need to "get a clue" and realize how silly some of the decisions they make look. I am sure the thought process went. Why should I pay a stylist to go on the photo shoot?