The Cool House: A tall coffee and a new trowel

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A tall coffee and a new trowel

Here's an interesting thing I discovered this morning, well interesting may be going a bit far but noteworthy anyway. Do you know how much coffee is in Starbucks "tall" size? I didn't until today. Possibly I don't drink enough of the stuff to ever judge but we ran out of Jacqmotte Mocha, the house blend of choice here at The Cool House (which friends and family bring from Belgium by the suitcase full) and the only other blends we like are Starbucks Italian and French Roasts.

So I jumped into the Jeep, which still has the hard top on because the place we normally store it is full of stuff for the powder room redo - moan, whinge, whine - and set forth for Starbucks. With my large bag o' beans I got a free tall coffee, actually half a tall coffee because if it's too full I might spill it and coffee is hot, you know, and I took it home because driving while drinking hot liquids is a skill I have yet to master. And then of course I forgot about it.

As the weather dudes promised temperatures in the high 70s I'd already decided to dedicate this morning to moving a whole load more hostas, to make an effort to finish the transplanting before it got too warm and not touch the towel again for the rest of the week. I put out all my tools, cut through the first hosta, put the trowel underneath and....snap. The handle broke off leaving me with a choice of grabbing the serving spoon from the kitchen (and when I say serving spoon, it isn't a typo; for some reason we only have one, as anyone who has been here for dinner can testify) and excavating holes with that or driving back to town to buy a new trowel.

By the time I'd bought the trowel and finished the transplanting I was really thirsty and I remembered the free coffee, which by now was stone cold. But that's what microwaves are for, no? So I emptied the tall coffee into my mug and the thing overflowed. Half a "tall" coffee is more than my mug can handle. Yep, perhaps not the most interesting post so here are some hosta shots:

Hostas transplanted today

Patriot Hostas transplanted fall 2007

Hostas transplanted fall 2006

I'm hoping this morning's efforts will soon be as rewarded as last fall's.

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Anonymous said...

I stopped at Starbucks tonight and asked them to bag up the grounds from me. I'm supposed to pick them up tomorrow night. Wonder if they'll remember? My garden is in desperate need of java.

I love hostas. My Mother has one that is E-N-O-R-M-O-U-S.