The Cool House: First BBQ of the Year

Thursday, May 15, 2008

First BBQ of the Year

The temperature hit 68F, the yard has been cleaned up, it's barbeque time!

First Hoegaarden of the summer (and yes that is a Krups scale bowl we are using as an ice bucket!)

Polly banished to the bridge while there are hamburgers about

Sadie drooling

Life is just a bowl of cherries - and cherries are the perfect summer dessert.


Ethan@OneProjectCloser said...

mmmm! Seeing your pictures makes me hungry for burgers (and it's only 8:15am!).

Jen said...

Poor Polly, someone give her a burger. :).

Your garden is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love Sadie's drooly face...and those cherries look just like summer.