The Cool House: Lighting Stikes Historic Beach Home

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lighting Stikes Historic Beach Home

A severe thunderstorm blew through Huntington around 1 PM today. We were having lunch on the harbor when the the thunder started, the rain came down in sheets and ice fell from the skies - not hail, ice. Then the siren started at the local fire station, and we joked that if it was bad they would sound more alarms. It was bad. Fire trucks came from Halesite and Huntington, Centerport, Northport, Cold Spring Harbor and Greenlawn. They rushed past us, in the direction of our village, lights blazing, sirens blasting.
When we arrived home we could smell the smoke. The beautiful, historic Victorian on the hill overlooking Nathan Hale Beach had been struck by lightning starting a fire that gutted the roof and parts of the second floor.
No one was home, no one was hurt, but one of the gems of the Incorporated Village has been badly damaged.

This is the same view taken in the Winter.
They will rebuild but today everyone is in shock. We send our sympathy to the owners and their family. Life changes in an instant.

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