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Friday, August 08, 2008

Vacation: not quite as planned

Monday was the start of a week long vacation. We packed in a fair amount and we had a list of things we wanted to do during the other five days. How do you think we did?
Well the rest of the vacation went something like this....
Tuesday: We're told the car has been repaired and we need to take to the auto body shop the cheque the insurance company sent us four weeks ago. Four weeks proves to be a long time to keep a cheque in a safe place. Too long. The search begins. Six and a half hours later we have missed our day-trip to Montauk but The Guy has a super-tidy office. Alas we do not have the cheque. We declare it lost and the insurance company agrees to issue a new cheque at the drive-in window of their offices (conveniently located half-way between The Cool House and the auto repair place.
Wednesday: The plan is to drive to insurance co. pick up cheque, drive to body shop and get car, then take loaner car back. Should take a couple of hours, giving us the rest of the day to do something exciting. We drive to get cheque, drive-in window actually a walk-in office. There are no free parking spaces. I wait in car, ready to move it if necessary while The Guy runs in to get cheque. He is gone 35 minutes. Cheque wasn't ready. Drive to car repair place. Car out on final road test. Should take 15 minutes. Car comes back. There are two problems: the registration ran out and the car needs a service before we can drive it. The first proves to be their error. Car is registered, they put the sticker on upside down when fixing the windshield. This is easily remedied but car has to go to the shop to be serviced. A different shop. In a different town. The Guy will drive there in our car and I will follow in loaner in case he breaks down. I leave The Guy to see to car service and come home. Many hours later he returns and we take back loaner car. Actual time taken: 6 hours.
Thursday: It started well enough but then there was this. The storms continued late into the evening. Another neighbor had the bark stripped off a maple tree by the lightning and there are branches down in lots of places but the Village is still preoccupied with the house fire.
I've had better vacations but at least I wasn't out on the water when this happened.

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