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Monday, August 11, 2008


We had set aside the final two days of our home-ation for repairing the damage done to the redwood siding by our favorite wildlife: the carpenter bees and the woodpecker. In the end we found more live bees that we had to deal with, lots more holes to fill, sand and stain, and we ended up lavishing a whole lot of extra tender loving care on the house in between rain showers. The Guy did 90% of the work, including repairing the pond pump while I stained a little wood and took a few shots.

Maintenance round-up:

Ten dead carpenter bees (sorry but the damage they do to the siding is incredible)

Four working path lights on the walkway to the front door

Several holes on the overhang, filled and ready to be sanded

The frame around the kitchen door stained with Cabot Clearcoat Redwood

All accomplished without disturbing this spider (click for the full-glory version)

Of course even when you think you are done there's always something else. Just as we were packing up for the evening I bent down to pick up the drop cloth and I noticed this. Another bee hole. A miracle of bee engineering and a complete pain in the bee-hind. Grrr.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the close-up of the deceased carpenter bee. Until that photo I had always thought they looked and acted more like wood boring ants. As an aside, I also assume you moonlight for the Pentagon - since I only counted 1 dead bee and not the 10 claimed in the article. :)

Also nice to see you are keeping The Guy busy!!

modernemama said...

You need more photos of dead bees? I got 'em. Also the corpses.......

Jen said...

Great shot of your front entry! How Lovely!
Those bees do some damage.