The Cool House: Flat screen convert

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Flat screen convert

We did it, we drank the Kool-Aid, followed the pack, joined the 21st century, whatever you want to call it - we bought a flat screen HDTV small enough to fit in the media center. In our fantasy world it looks something like this photo.
In the real world we don't sit staring at a blank screen so let me tell you this thing ROCKS. The sound is awesome, I can read the titles from across the room and the colors are so dynamic I sat and watched two movies back-to-back before I could get my open jaw to close. So this is what the digital revolution is all about.


Jean Martha said...

and I here I sit...stuck with Big bertha. Sigh. I'm jealous!!!


Why S? said...

When it's time to buy the new TV, I know there'll be a battle. He'll want bigger, I'll want what's appropriate. There's really room for neither.

Congrats to you. Enjoy!