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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday Morning Quote

Today's prize for the most dumb and/or insensitive remark made in this economic climate goes to ex-"Top Chef" host and cookbook author Katie Lee Joel:

“I love real estate. To me, real estate is the ultimate tchotchke. We have five houses; we like our real estate.
New York Magazine

Most Americans just have to worry about one house, the roof over their heads, but for Katie Lee Joel houses are just collectibles. You can enable her to pick up another real estate ornament by dropping by her book signing tour (if you're quick you can catch her at the Book Revue in Huntington, NY tonight). And with 81,312 homes being repossessed by lenders in September I'm sure they will plenty for her to choose from.

You want to know what kind of tchotchke Katie owns?

Thanks to Domino Magazine you can view her Manhattan townhouse, where she arranges her smaller tchotchkes

Then changes them (and the chairs) out for something more soothing in brown.
And there's more about her Long Island houses over here.


Anonymous said...

Totally stupid, vapid and insensitive comment.
But what do you expect of a child bride, nuvoueu riche spoiled brat.
She's amedia invention because of her marriage to Billy Joel and her Top Chef and cookbook "stardom."
Plus she's everywhere on every show, magazine, promotion, part and charity.
Hope her noxious comments comes back to bite her- in the pocketbook.
But- boo hoo, there's still Billy's deep pockets to dip into- even if she does manage to kill her own glassy, shallow "career."

Jean Martha said...

The Fiance had the "joy" of sitting in front of this woman at a talk on songwriting that Billy Joel did a year or two ago. The woman would not shut up for more than 10 seconds - even Gawker did a post about how she wouldn't shut up at the event. And umm, that cookbook...not selling so well. There, I said it. LOL

Anonymous said...

She appears vertically challenged - among other things!!