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Monday, January 05, 2009

Cool House Animals: 10 Things You May Not Know about Polly

Polly is our challenge dog; she's adorable, loves other animals and children and is only really happy when she's "working". On the other hand she lives by a timetable, is incessant in her demands and is only really happy when she's "working".

1) Polly's pedigree is uncertain but going by size, looks and character we're guessing she's a Golden Retriever/Border Collie Mix. She's been mistaken for a Flat-coat Retriever and a Newfoundland puppy. But she's fully-grown and only 48lb so I think we can rule those out.
2) She looks much younger than her 8 years - and she acts it, too
3) She's a rescue. We've had her since she was 10 months old and I think she was tied up outside the Animal Shelter because she was such a high-energy dog.
4) She needs to round things up - cats, humans, soft toys. If they would only stay in one place she could go off-duty and get some shut-eye. Last week I'd had enough of the attention-seeking so I put her in a down stay. Without lifting her body off the floor she picked up all her soft toys and placed them, perfectly spaced, in a semi-circle around her. Then she went to sleep!
5) She's completely useless at retrieving anything: ball, newspaper, frisbee but she'll carry around for hours socks she's thieved from the laundry basket
6) She can tell time, and count. It's three biscuits after dinner, people. Less than three and there's no peace, give her four and she'll save the extra until The Big Dog finds and consumes it.
7) She is a cat slave. This is part of her "work". When one family member has left the pack she must reunite it as quickly as possible. Cat at the door? Polly will bark and cry until someone lets it in.
8) The "Leash of Shame" is her friend, and ours. When she's wearing it she knows
a) she's off-duty. See "working" and #4 and #7 above.
b) she has to obey instantly
c) she can tug on the leash and self-correct. That's smart!
9) She eats poop when she's bored and grass whenever she can
10) She likes to be outdoors. All the time. Luckily she has a fenced yard, a pond, lots of trees and a patch of leaves that she pummels and scratches into a nest where she sleeps.

One last Polly curiosity - she sleeps better and is less demanding if the house is full of people. Otherwise she has to find ways to entertain herself.


Marilyn said...

My favorite Polly post ever! We should 'tag' all your animals so that we get more inside poop. So to speak.

Seriously - I want to nuzzle that muzzle. And yes, I thought she was a flat-coated retriever. See what you learn?

Jean Martha said...

I puffy heart everything about Polly cept the poop eating.

Unknown said...

She sounds delightful, and at 48lbs not a Newf. We have experienced some of those not so good dog traits with our dogs - poop eating - gross, just gross. Sometimes I think they do it because they know we dislike it.

♥Mimi♥ said...

Having had Polly-types in my life for the past few decades and a few kitties, too, I can tell that you love her...deep, or you wouldn't have taken the time to tell us carefully and sweetly about this little dog. I do say little because one of mine is 100 pounds and the smallest if about 70 pounds. She's just precious. Long live POPPY!

Very0me said...

Got to love the Itchy dog!!!