The Cool House: Another STD*

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another STD*

via Team Jill**

*STD = Styled to Death (Acronym made popular by The Moggit Girls)

And yes a real designer is responsible for this. The renovation of Real Housewife of NYC Jill Zarin's apartment was undertaken by her "gay husband" Brad Boles, last seen on this blog in this video***. I don't know if he personally styled the table but let's examine it in detail, shall we?
There are what look to me like crumbs all over the table, raw Brussels sprouts in the soup bowls and don't get my started on the napkins playing ring-a-roses in the center.
Apart from that WORDS FAIL ME!
But I'm sure they don't fail you... Comments please

**if you can stand it, there's more here
***it might not be apparent but I'm totally on Team Jill, just not 100% behind the decor.


Michele said...

Well ....

I just don't know what so say.

I'm not sure what the yellow, orangie "stuff" is - This takes me back to my club days and staff sprinkling "stuff" all over the table tops to make them look good. What a mess to clean up. The guest would transport the "stuff" all over the club because it would stick to the sleeves of their clothing like Velcro.

I like the plates and stemware, it just feels cluttered which makes me feel a little crazy.

Jean Martha said...

and the mandatory Foo Dogs look on...

melly~ said...

i -hate- the taste of bile first thing in the morning!

i'm no decorator but this is just. so. bad.

i love the dishes but dude seriously missed the less is more lesson.

suzanne cabrera said...

So funny!!!

The Townhouselady said...

I love that you caught this too! It's just horrific isn't it?? You thought it was all just a bad dream, right?

I appreciate you commenting on the post I did about it. I just couldn't contain myself.

Always and forever Team Jill!

Quoizel said...

I love your table lamps. Great blog looking foward to reading more of your posts

heidi said...

Just saw the apt. on tv last night, for the first time. It is SOOOOO STD. Funny that the ONLY thing I liked was the POP coffee tables, and it was the one thing she hated.

Jen said...

I had to giggle at the grocery store flowers plopped down in a vase. It doesn't even look like they were trimmed, or moved about a bit.

I kinda like that teal Foo dog, Jean. Maybe not there or here, but somewhere.... ??? I just kept looking past the clutter on the table to the sideboard lamps and teal dog.

modernemama said...

RenovationTherapy: Foo dogs are so like 2007!
Heidi : POP tables wasted in that space and I'm sure Jill is over them. Contact her and see if she'll let you give them a good home.
Jenni: I was waiting for someone to mention the flowers. Everyone knows chrysanthemums at the dinner table are déclassé and plonked in vase with sliced oranges? No!

Charlie said...

That is ghastly...YIKES!
Can you believe that are still not showing the housewives of NYC here! To add insult to injury the bravo feed is NOT available outside of the USA! I am so jealous, they sound like a fun bunch.