The Cool House: Real Estate Round Up: Easter 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Real Estate Round Up: Easter 2009

Time for another real estate go round in the Incorporated Village, or at least a walk around the block.

First off some evidence of the housing price downturn. This completely renovated Tuscan style house was sold last summer for $1,675,000. It went back on the market for a similar price in the Fall but recently has been substantially reduced.

This red Dutch-style house also for sale last summer was sold in short order. We were afraid it would be bulldozed but hurrah, it got a sympathetic remodel, including a front huge extension and voila - a bigger, brighter Dutch farmhouse. We have to wait for another couple of weeks to see the inside but apart form an odd window placement (picky, picky, I know) it's looking good.

For sale, coincidentally enough, for the same price as the first house.

Lastly, this house was also sold September 2008 but within a few months had been re-listed for a trendbucking extra $249,000.
So there you have it, three houses in one block radius of the Village Hall, all sold late July to early September 2008, now on the market again with similar asking prices. The difference between them is their markedly different styles. Do you have a favorite?


susan said...

Give me Tuscany or give me death. I have seen far too many Long Island "farmhouses".

kathleen said...

I love the last house. Love it.

Elissa said...

I think that last house may have been my sister's best friend's house before they moved to North Carolina a few years ago. Now I'm going to have to go find out. And yes, that window placement bothers me more that I can express here, it looks like the house is winking at you.