The Cool House: I got sunshine

Monday, April 20, 2009

I got sunshine

Actually I'm about to get buckets of rain but yesterday I took this photo in the middle of cleaning the house, doing the laundry and locating and re-attaching screens - it was a summery 78F on Saturday and we wanted all the windows open and I couldn't remember where we had stored them (yes, we do have that many closets and no, I am not complaining) - all the things we do as spring finally gets a grip on Long Island.

Pierre Bonnard: Table in Front of the Window

The day before we had managed to catch the Pierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors exhibition at The Met Museum before it closed and I was stuck by the summery mimosa in his paintings that reminded me of glorious warm days in the south of France - sunshine and azure blue skies.
When I saw the yellow forsythia in full bloom I knew I had to run and get a shot before the incipient rainstorm ruined it for another year, it might be the last sunny thing we see for the rest of the week. It ain't mimosa but it will do.


heidi said...

ahhh the tasks of spring.... we're going through ALL the clothes today. The hand-me downs, the too small, to the giveaways, the one socks, the holie tights.
Enjoy the rain! xoh

Maya said...

Did the same thing this weekend - re-attaching screens. Bought some plants too, better get them in before the rain reaches coastal RI!

from the right bank said...

Wasn't the Bonnard exhibit awesome? I loved it.