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Monday, July 20, 2009

Almost connected

Three days running around. Three hardware stores to find one that sells the correct screw size; one swimming pool supply store who sent us to the boat yard next door, who sent us to West Marine who sent us to Coney's Marine in Huntington who had a near-enough match for the cleats.

The hunt is now over. We have the requisite hardware assembled to effect a repair to the... What? No-one has found the connection yet. Last clue: It's not used as a tie-down for anything in our pool. And every last vendor has described the use as "ingenious".
One last chance, interwebs, before we fix the cleats in place: What do we use them for? What purpose would a 3" cleat normally serve on a boat?


Christine H. said...

I am dying here! Need to know SOON!

Maybe for the dog leashes?

modernemama said...

Don't expire just yet... and really sailing in Manhasset Bay? That should help with the second part of the connection.
Besides tying up a boat, what else do you use cleats for? The answer to that part of the question is in the links to Flickr photos within the posts.
Also this has nothing to do with dogs, it's purely a pool matter...

Jennifer said...

Well, you use them to tie the ropes around when sailing... my FIL's sailboat has these all over.

Not sure what they are for on a pool... life preserver, maybe?

modernemama said...

You do use them on a sailboat for something quite small... not a life preserver but.... big reveal is coming!