The Cool House: Next to no-cost maintenance

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Next to no-cost maintenance

A quick round up of the week's chores. In addition to fixing the pool skimmer covers so we can lift them up without breaking nails, fingers or bits off the brick we:

Restore(d)-A-Finish(ed) six doors - and they look excellent - cat and dog scratches disguised, walnut colour revived. Love this product, I've invigorated tired furniture, trim and now doors.

Fixed the elephant in the room Sub-Zero just as it was exiting its warranty, thus saving me $529+labor. Tell me: How can a condenser last less than 5 years? I've known fridges go decades without needing to do anything but defrost the ice box.

Fixed the exterior light outside the front door by banging my fist on the underside of the housing. If you remember banging my head on it was how the lights went out in the first place. (The Awesome Designer says she'll help when the house burns down because our wiring is loose).

The total fix for the pool skimmer handles was just under $40, and that was the most we spent on repairs all week. We did splurge and buy two new hosepipes 150' and 75' at $34.99 and $24.99 - not cheap but not prohibitive either. The other repairs were cost free.


heidi said...

Grab The Guy, take all the $$$ you saved, and go out for cocktails & crabby balls!!! xoh

modernemama said...

Spent it all at the wine store and the groomers this afternoon. No pennies left for balls - salmon, cod or crab!


Well done! We have the same subzero - is that what I have to look forward to? For what it cost, that thing should outlive me!

modernemama said...

When I'm in a snotty mood I calculate the cost per glass of water... or per ice cube!

Kathleen said...

Way to go!

And, seriously, the compressor after five years?