The Cool House: It's not the heat, it's the humidity

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's not the heat, it's the humidity

After a morning spent shuttling Sadie the Dog to the vet for what feels like the fifteenth time in the last month and an afternoon at my desk working, I threw myself into the warm pool and sat in the early evening heat to dry off. It was probably the most pleasant hour I've spent in the yard (weather-wise) all summer. After yesterday's oppressive humidity it felt comfortable: hot in a Southern California outdoor living way rather than Florida's sweaty tropical summer that Long Island usually emulates in August.
I thought it would be a great evening to take the camera, go for a walk and see what interesting shots fell my way. And I got maybe 20' from the front door when I noticed that the air was becoming thicker and the lens of the camera had completely steamed up.

This is the shot I took BEFORE I wiped the lens - same angle, same exposure - just taken through a damp curtain of humidity. I swear there must be a 30% difference in humidity from the back of the house to the front. The south-west house elevation is protected by a 45' cedar and the pool area is enclosed by maples and beeches, oaks and conifers, while the front of the property is open to the mid-day sun. This accounts for the difference in temperature and moisture content in the air. We notice this in winter when it will often rain on one side of the house and not on the other (torrential downpours excepted).
Today it fooled me again into thinking that maybe we could do without air-conditioning and open the windows wide. But only for an instant.


Unknown said...

I hope Sadie is doing well. Your pictures of the tiger lilys are beautiful! This humidity is a bit much isn't it?
Are you on Long Island? I grew up on the North Shore!

I noticed the Twitter comment about the sad kitten, adorable kitten! in need of a home. Has anyone come forward? I'm a big lover of cats but I have many. I would be willing to help find the kitty a home if you think she needs a less populated home. She's just so cute!


Kathleen said...

Hope all goes well with Sadie.

The heat in DC is stifling. Yuck.