The Cool House: Sad Kitty Needs a Home

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sad Kitty Needs a Home

Found in the hood of a car (just like Hermes) this adorable kitty cannot live with his rescuers (there's a no-animal policy in their apartment) and the local shelters are full of similar fluffy bundles. (Though obviously none are as cute as Sad Kitty).
We would foster him/her but we're already known as the crazy people who take a train of kitties out with them when they walk the dogs... and I've found there's a three cat happiness metric that we are already exceeding. I don't think it would be good to add an extra bundle of cuteness to the dynamic!
Look at those beseeching eyes... that expression that says "I just want to love and be loved".... Won't someone take Sad Kitty to his/her forever home?


Jean Martha said...

So cute! Will Tweet it and mention it around my office. If your friends decide to keep the kitty, let them know that me and my sister's always had kitties in "no pet" apartments and NEVER were asked to move/get rid of pet. Most Landlord's just use that clause to make sure that noisy/destructive pets aren't on site.

Purple Flowers said...

Has someone taken this little kitty yet? I may have an idea for her/him.