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Friday, November 06, 2009

Fixtures and Fittings

I ordered a few fixtures and fittings for the master bath this afternoon. Actually, I think they are all fixtures because we'd have a hard time unhooking them from the wall if we ever moved - things like faucets, shower heads, shower base, tub spout, medicine cabinet, towel warmer, sinks and a magnifying mirror. I've always wanted a wall mounted magnifying mirror that swivels and now I can finally have one. Of course there will be arguments about how high to place it so it serves its purpose as both make-up and shaving mirror but my argument will be: The Guy can bend or stoop to shave, I can't jump and apply mascara at the same time.

After a lot of soul-searching we've picked out the cabinets. I still lust after the $3600 chocolate leather and chrome floating vanity with the $1400 porcelain top for the bathroom but even with the $20% discount that's a lot of money and because of the way the plumbing is laid out the waste pipe and connector to the vanity in the dressing room would be visible - not a high-end look! That damn wastepipe also meant no drawer vanity was going to fit, so, taking a suggestion from Design Rules* I headed to the kitchen cabinet department at Ikea where I found a solution: Nexus Brown/Black sink and drawer cabinets.

The total cost of a 42" and 72" vanity is less than half the cost of the countertop so that frees up the budget for Caesarstone tops in Misty Carrerra, Pebbles or Dusty Stones. And there should be enough for some blinging cabinet hardware, too. So, if you had to choose, which of these lovely but expensive handles would you pick to go with the tiles and other fixtures?

Schaub Bistro pull in Espresso/Polished Crome. Kitchen Designer Paul Anater mentioned another Schaub handle on his blog and after I'd recovered from the pricing shock I did as he suggested and poked around their site where I found this italian-influenced beauty at half the price.

Haefele center Handle in Polished Chrome. I love the hammered finish but it is almost twice the price of the other option. Still it's a small space so I wouldn't be going over budget either way.
BTW, these are both 5" handles - not one giant handle and one for wee elves...

* Contest to win a copy of the decorator's lifesaver ends Sunday 11/8. Don't miss out!


susan said...

Very, very nice! Good work! Your look is so moderne, so elegant!

heidi said...

I vote for the Shaub pull. Gorgeous.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

My vote is that the Schaub pull pulls the look together the best. And I like the price of the Ikea cabinet most of all!! I think I'm going to check that bad boy out for my powder room. Brilliant!

Why S? said...

I like the Schaub but from here I'm not sure how the Espresso will look against the Ikea's color. Maybe the same style in the all satin nickel? Just a thought.

house things said...

I'll have to find my reading glasses (because I'm old) and come back and vote later. But, think of it this way. You are going to see and use those handles all the time so it might be a good idea to get exactly what you want and love in spite of the price.

Living the life in The Little City said...

I voted for the hammered one. Very nice pull.

anita said...

wow, we have very similar tastes..
love the tile you have selected for bath!!!

heres our humble home: