The Cool House: Ye Gods of Snow!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ye Gods of Snow!

I was JOKING about the snow, Gods of Irony! At least it's 2" not 2', but as Laura points out even a little snow around the dumpster makes hauling out the debris more treacherous - and increases the clean-up 100-fold.

Still, the tile is off, the wallboard too, in many places. Considering the leaks we had from the shower and the tub, it's amazing there is no visible damage to the cement backerboard, the floor or the walls behind. No mold, either.
This bathroom should be stripped down to the studs be Saturday, then the plumber and electricians can get in. Tiles arrive Jan 8th, vanities Jan 25th; all other fixtures except the Toto Nexus toilet (delivery scheduled for the second week in January) are here and waiting. After everything has been installed I can get the Caesarstone fabricators to measure for the countertops and the shower door people to fit the glass door. I'm hoping to take my first shower in this bathroom Valentine's Day 2010. That doesn't sound too optomistic does it?


Nadine @ BDG said...

ooo you got the TOTO Toilet-- fancy. Happy 2010 to you and the guy. xo.

modernemama said...

comfy, ada compliant and eco-friendly - also #4 in the house!


Geez, and I thought there was a lot going on at our place! My in-laws are currently redoing their kitchen and they're using caesarstone. I had never heard of it before but from what I learned it sounds awesome. Can't wait to see the end result. Good luck! And happy new year!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Well...two inches of snow is certainly better than the last storm! I was nervous for you when it was snowing in the a.m.!! And how cute is that toilet? And did I just call a toilet cute? Oh yes I did.