The Cool House: Demo: Day 4

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Demo: Day 4

The Guy is racing to get the cement board off the shower walls and the 70s mirrors out of the dressing room before he goes back to his paying job on Monday morning. The haste led to a little whoops moment: he chipped the last floor tile off and the screwdriver he was using as a lever shot out of his hand and down the void under the shower. The only way we'll see that again is if we take off the wallboard in the kitchen that hides the front stairs. Not Going To Happen. We'll leave it there for a future renovator to puzzle over.


house things said...

Well, you've been busy. Yes, decades hence, someone who is doing a renovation will find clues and tidbits from your time at the house and puzzle over them. Maybe you should stuff some notes in cracks and crevices that you uncover. Kind of funny to think about.
Best wishes for 2010!

Jean Martha said...

You should print out a copy of that blog post, stuff it in a ziploc bag and push it under. LOL

us said...

I'm actually into intentionally hiding things in teh wall for future diggers to find.
Love your blog - and wanted to thank you for contributing your great tip/regret to mine.
ps:renovationtherapy's suggestion of PERFECT

modernemama said...

That is the best suggestion ever. I'm throwing a copy of the post down with the screwdriver, slivers of tile, chunks of cement and shards of glass that have fallen between the joists - one woman's debris is another's archaeological find!