The Cool House: Sunglass Style

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunglass Style

Even in winter you need sunglasses in New York; in fact I probably wear sunglasses outside more than I do regular eyeglasses and when I find a pair I like I wear them until they fall apart, then I get the optician to fix them and wear them into submission. I have one pair I bought in Belgium in 1996 that I wear for walking the dogs - the lenses are so degraded it's almost impossible to see through them and the plastic on the inside looks as if it has been sucked on by a teething child but they are so comfortable and look so good I have never been able to part with them. Still, it was time for a new model so I went shopping and found lots of vintage inspired eyewear to chose from. They are prescription lenses so you'll have to wait a while to see what I finally picked but here are the contenders:

Teal blue, brown and black - bold and sexy Paul Smith eyewear PS-3009 in Tustl

Retro Hollywood glam Zooey in Ivory Shell with a Spice Brown Gradient. Oliver Peoples in collaboration with Zooey Deschanel.

Cool 70s inspired round frames - in tortoiseshell to accentuate the golden blonde highlights, Starbelle by Oliver Peoples.


Nick said...

tell me you went with a) rather than b)"huey lewis & the news" or c)Jean Shrimpton

Nadine @ BDG said...

I think the top ones are smashing.

modernemama said...

Oh, come on - who wouldn't want to be Jean Shrimpton?

Why S? said...

I love Jean Shrimpton.

and I love both a & c. not so much b.