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Thursday, March 11, 2010

No More Dirty Laundry

There is one other reason why things have taken a little longer than we planned on the primary bath front. We decided to take advantage of the fact that the trades were in the house and finish a few projects that had been neglected over the past few years months, like the laundry room. This is how we left it on May 12 2008 - new appliances, lighting and upper cabinets. We were waiting for a revelation regarding the kitchen/mudroom floor before we installed the base cabs. If we decided to go with tile it made sense to do it all the same, including the laundry, yes? Well, grand procrastinators that we are, we failed to make any choice over the succeeding months except we came to realise we didn't want tile - stone or porcelain - in the kitchen. But I do think it's the most practical choice for a laundry floor. So as I was ordering bathroom tiles over the holidys I made a spur-of-the-moment impulse purchase at Porcelanosa. The conversation went something like this: Emily at Porcelanosa: "Did you want anything else"? Me: "Do you have anything in a 12 x 12 or smaller on sale? In a gray tone or a neutral"? Emily: "I have this" (page 108) Me: "I need enough for an 6' x 11' laundry room floor" Emily: "Would you like to take a sample home" Me: (knowing how that was likely to turn into another six-month long indecision fest) "No, just add it to the order" I know! Totally out of character for me, right? But just like that another renovation was underway. The base cabinets are in and after deciding against wood or laminate countertops I'm just waiting on quotes from the Corian Guy and the Marble Guy - and the electrician to move and add an extra light fixture so we can get the door on the high cabinet. Then we can wrap up another room.

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house things said...

I love how you procrastinate. I do it, too, and believe it has saved me from some not so good decisions.

Those tiles you decided on for the laundry look great.