The Cool House: Marble Madness

Friday, March 12, 2010

Marble Madness

The bids for the laundry room countertop came in - Carrara marble beat Group D Corian by over $300 which amazed me. It's the same stone we used in the master bath and fits in the overall color scheme of the house. But still, it really isn't what I envisioned for the laundry room. So for all the times I have ridiculed the overuse of marble and granite in home renovations, I APOLOGISE!

Obviously, we were trying to keep things simple. I could have gone completely crazy and picked one of these grey-toned beauties.

Or changed the color scheme to incorporate the red Porphyry or yellow Giallo Antico marbles.

At least we are stopping before the house looks like this!

All images from last month's visit to the Room of Colored Marbles in the Getty Villa where you can also find this very handy guide to the different marbles used in the room. Click to embiggen!


Paul Anater said...

I love the idea of a marble laundry. It's downright Pompeiian. Brava!

Nadine @ BDG said...

Now be careful or you'll look like my friends in Upper Brookville!

heidi said...

salivating over those pearly greys!!!