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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Keeping your friends

Interwebs regulars to this blog are aware that we lucked out when we signed up to take over The Cool House. Not only did we get a rock sold house in need of a little TLC and a piece of uniquely modern architectural history but we gained two of the best neighbors we could ever hope to have - the Awesome Designer and the Loyal Blog Reader. The former is the hands-on person in that partnership/ Furniture needs re-arranging? She'll move it fifty different ways until she gets the effect you're looking for (or the one she persuades you is best - trust her, it will be). Bulbs have to be planted? Give her a couple hundred and a dry weekend and the following Spring your garden will be carpeted with pretty flowers. Ask for a fabric swatch and she'll visit half a dozen showrooms and bring you swatches of undreamt deliciousness - and then spend hours pruning them until you have just the right palette to make your room perfect.

On the other hand, the Loyal Blog Reader is more cerebral and prefers to let the pros (like his wife) tackle things. Only rarely does he get roped into the renovation process, preferring to bask in the glory of the finished effect.

Which is why he is probably kicking himself this morning - or dreaming of kicking me maybe - when, after I plied him with wine and salumi, we persuaded him to take a hands-on role in the renovation and move a rug, or three, in and out of the car and up a flight of stairs - in the name of the beautification of The Cool House. To add to his nightmare I made him weigh in on the design discussion of some fifty pieces of fabric to determine the one that would epitomize our uniquely modern design aesthetic. So, I would like to heartily thank the Awesome Designer for all her help and hard work yesterday and to the Loyal Blog Reader I offer both my gratitude and profuse apologies. You can send the chiropractor's bill to me...

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Anonymous said...

The recent beautiful changes at the Beach House are a credit to you, wine and cheese, the Awesome Designer, and the patience (did I really say that?) and financial support of THE GUY (I have intentionally omitted any reference to THE GUY'S sense of color, style etc.). I, your humble servant, sherpa, and Loyal Blog Reader, contribute little other than my willingness to eat, drink and be pleasantly (or some might say, not so pleasantly) sarcastic. I have, however, found it fascinating to watch the process of fabric/color/material/ style selection unfold - as it goes back and forth between and among, you, the Awesome Designer, THE GUY and an occassional offspring, and then ultimately, back to settle on what the Awesome Designer had suggested long before she or anyone else had consumed the first two glasses of wine.

Your blog readers should also know that in addition to being renovation/design mavens, you and THE GUY are fascinating and wonderful neighbors, whether it's to discuss THE GUY'S latest trip to South America, or simply your views on Sarah Palin, Proust, Freud or "fannies" - sometimes all in the same sentence. We thank you for being across the street!