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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Backsplash Options

I can't believe we are thinking about this already. Originally I wanted to panel this whole wall in the same walnut colored oak veneer as the cabinets but it made the room too dark - it seems there is such a thing as too much wood after all - so we started to look at tiles. From left to right:Venis Dados Crema, Firenze Antracita and Trento Moka porcelain wall tiles all via Porcelanosa. A close-up of my two favorites:

Trento Moka - I'd use the silver grout to lighten contrast with the browns.

Firenze Ambar It comes in Nacar, Oceano and Antracita - all glass-look and a couple marble-look options -Carrara Blanco and Negro Marquina. Click to see all at this gorgeous Romanian site.

Similar glass mosaic tile Erin Adams' Facet by Ann Sacks.
Do any scream "gotta have that" at you?


austinmodhouse said...

I like the first one, reminds me of beatnik bark cloth.

Juf Felicity said...

I like the top two. The circles look the lightest of the two

Nadine @ BDG said...

The second one made me gasp. Might be a problem when I come to visit!

modernemama said...

I saw the first one in a shower vignette with a light color grout and loved it and then The Guy and I saw the middle one and almost ordered it on the spot!