The Cool House: Black and White in Summer

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Black and White in Summer

The dining room, the space I declared finished in January 2006 and that we decided to add to the kitchen renovation, finally got its new clothes thanks to some design help from the Awesome Designer and a shopping trip to Kravet's Bethpage, NY showroom one rainy day back in April.

The drapery fabric Solarte from Kravet Soleil, is a retro-vibe indoor/outdoor fabric that should stand up better to dog affection than the Dupioni silk that hung there before.

Although it looks black & white in the stock image, there is a lot of subtlety in the shading - ebony, stone, mocha and a silvery pewter.

The rug, Cap Ferrat, is, like the Chinese Chippendale now in the den, a design by Windor Smith for Kravet. The seafoam color marries well with the grey-green Benjamin Moore Titanium walls and the dark brown ovals are almost the exact shade of the beams and the mocha shading in the drapes. (Black, seafoam and the sun seem to have been a big part of this recent renovation. I think I'll have to invest in some black and white tea towels for the kitchen!).

All we need now are those pesky baseboards...


Living the life in The Little City said...

Can't go wrong with black and white. Looks great.

Nadine @ BDG said...

So fab in person-- I love how the rooms are beginning to flow visually as I was able to see glimpses of each room while sitting at the kitchen table.

modernemama said...

I love how you can see into many rooms from different vantage points - maybe it feeds my secret spy fetish

Diygirl said...

I like what you did with your dining room. I recently finished making curtains for my dining room-with all the choices it can be tough to pick out the right fabric. Please check out my blog while I chronicle our home remodeling journey!
Have a great day!