The Cool House: Butterflies, Sunflowers and Steering Wheels

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Butterflies, Sunflowers and Steering Wheels

New at the MoMA store the George Nelson Flock of Butterflies wall clock by Vitra. It's an early 60s design of wood and polished metal, part of the “Clocks Ahead of Time" series. This one would make a real statement on the kitchen wall - it's a full 2' in diameter, which is probably a little more manageable than my (until now) favorite George Nelson design:

The 1958 Sunflower Clock. The extra-large size - 29.5" makes it the ideal clock for my kitchen. I know because we bought a floor model when we got the Platner table but had to return it when the hands dropped off. It fitted exactly into the style of The Cool House and the space on the wall. We plan to put a new model there after we paint...

but if I had a slightly more mod house - and only needed a 12" clock - I'd definitely pick The George Nelson Steering Wheel clock. It might be a 1948 classic but it reminds me of Mini Coopers and pop art mini dresses. Available from Velocity Arts


Lindsay Hosanna said...

The second one, the sunflower clock, is the bee's knees!! Love it!!!

modernemama said...

It's beautifully made but the price is heartstopping