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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fits any decor style

The Epoca One Top from Gruppo Treesse

In my quest for the most breathtakingly beautiful bath tub to grace my master bath I've come across some pretty memorable models but this one, while it's certainly unique, has me perplexed.
Why frame a traditionally shaped tub with wood in this way? And why add a fold-away step? What if I climb up the steps to get into the bath and someone folds them flat; will I be trapped in the bathtub forever? What practical purpose is served by being so high off the floor? Is the frame strong enough to take the weight of the tub, gallons of water, and me? And why is it called One Top?

The vibe I get from this tub is a mixture of an old Morris Traveller, an instrument of torture and a scaffold - the steps only add to the sense of trepidation. You, on the other hand, may love it.

via Trendir

Friday, March 06, 2009

Wood Obsessed

I still haven't got over my obsession with wood as the major design element at The Cool House. The teak shower bases we put in the downstairs bath and the boys' bath have been very successful; they are warmer than tile, and much less slippery. I'd really like to get more wood into the master bath remodel and have been mulling over the idea of paneling the master bath walls in walnut. I love the concept but I don't want it to look like a 70s sauna, so I'm focusing on wooden sinks and baths that might give me more of the look I want without the feeling I should be beating myself with birch twigs.

Handmade oval bathtub in teak

Bath in Wood of Maine handcraft a double tub from inch thick mahogany planks.

Umbila wood bath from Adagio Sinks

Laguna Basic wood tub in walnut.
The Leguna Basic tub is probably my favorite, the one that fits best with overall style of the house and it's small enough to replace the existing tub without any major changes to the plumbing or layout of the room. What about you? Any particular tub strike you as swoon-worthy?

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Terminator Bath Tub

Am I the only person who when they see this

thinks of this?

The Teuco Swarovski Bathtub, made to order in Italy from Teuco.