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Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Cool House–Final Chapter

The Cool House has been our home for seventeen years now, that’s hard to believe as we’d lived in many houses in various countries on two continents before I spotted it on the MLSLI website back in 2003. I fell instantly, head over heels in love from that moment. I swear the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and tingles ran down my spine. My love for it has only deepened over the years, for its unique architecture and the warm, inviting design of the original Andrew Geller plans, through all the renovations–really gentle updates–we did over the years to bring it up to today’s codes. 
We always said that when we felt we were rattling around in it, though, it would be time to leave and pass it on to someone who would appreciate as much as we have. This past year of lockdown and quarantine has made us realize the time has come. In normal times visitors, friends and family, would come and go, filling the house with life and laughter. But for the past twelve months it's been just us, and even using both offices full-time and enjoying that luxury, we realized that we don't need all this space; it’s time to look for something smaller. 
I know we’ll never find anything as special as the Cool House but we have so many memories from our time as caretakers of the house. The one that stands out in the forefront is when Andrew Geller came with his wife Shirley and family for his first visit in over forty years, stood on the balcony over the great room, looked around and said “I did good work”! He truly did, not good work but great work, unique–a work of art.
For information on the listing contact Maria & Donna at Compass Real Estate